• Online interactive wellbeing calendar/planner
  • Anytime access to
  • Annual wellbeing plan, populated with monthly themes
  • Access to add ons such as surveys, audits, and workshop bookings


  • Everything included in Calendar, plus…
  • Content to deliver your wellbeing plan
  • Expertly compiled and created campaign content
  • Access to our wellbeing experts
Please select annual or monthly


  • Everything included in Resources, plus…
  • We send out the content and themes for you
  • A monthly e-campaign sent directly to employees
  • Insights into employee engagement
  • Analytics to help you steer your wellbeing strategy
Please select annual or monthly


  • A bespoke package includes Calendar, Resources, Insights, and, well…Whatever you need it to!

    We work with you to put together something that is tailored to your business and to your culture.

    As part of this service, we can analyse your needs, review your current wellbeing offering, and help you install a wellbeing strategy that is robust and valued within your organisation.

    We work with you, not against you, and the outputs will definitely impress you… Simply get in touch to get the process started.
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Trouble choosing?

View our handy infographic that will help you pick the right level for your business.

Access to content for a full wellbeing campaign every month – with everything you need to download and run a successful online or offline internal communications campaign.

The content you need in Resources, plus an interactive monthly ecampaign, sent direct to your employees’ inboxes.

The quick win here is that it saves you time compiling content and drafting emails – but as a bonus, we’ll report back to you on which areas your employees are most engaged with, helping to steer your wellbeing activity.

Our bespoke package is all of the above and more, we’ll work directly with you to formulate a plan of action that suits your needs perfectly, as if it were made to measure!