A baseline for success

Booking a survey or audit for your employees is mega easy within your babble.work account. But why does your business need one?

A survey is so much more than just a bunch of questions. They need to be the right questions & our experts know what they are. The results will help measure the success of your wellbeing strategy, identify key areas for improvement & show the board the plan is working! From here, you can target your employees accordingly – giving them more content or resources on stress reduction, nutrition, fitness, or whatever else they feel that they are lacking.

The best part is that surveys and audits with babble.work can enable you to spend your wellbeing budget wisely by investing in what people really need, rather than what they might like. Pretty nifty, right? We definitely think so.

Ensure your workforce feel valued

Show your employees that you take their wellbeing seriously by conducting an audit. Take the first step to improving their wellbeing and win their trust by utilising our experts and digging deeper into where they would like more support. Even better, prove to your board that you are making a measurable difference to productivity.

We can then see how your business compares to national benchmarks, and gain a clearer snapshot of how the behaviours and wellbeing scores of your employees compare to national averages!

But it doesn’t end there… We can then help you make the most of your existing benefits, propose some further options, or even identify some quick wins that will make a significant difference in the short term.

Want in on this?

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