What is babble.work?

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Wow, 2020 has been quite the year, hasn’t it? We don’t know about you, but when we compiled our New Year’s Resolutions back in January, we didn’t even think to add ‘Endure one million Zoom quizzes’ to the list…

Thankfully, we did add ‘Create an awesomely epic workplace wellbeing solution that’s going to change your working life for the better’…

Employee wellbeing should be at the heart of every organisation – unexpected global pandemic or nay! Your employees are the lifeforce of your business, and when they’re happy, they’re more engaged, more productive, and more present in their role.

Your time is precious, and almost definitely lacking! So, here are the keys to your wellbeing strategy, because it’s time to take your employee wellbeing to new and uncharted heights…

Wellbeing in a box

babble.work offers you a neat and tidy selection of the tools you need to bolster your internal wellbeing strategy in one handy place.


  • A wide variety of content and resources you can use for internal wellbeing campaigns
  • A fully stocked calendar of awareness days and events
  • Bookable wellbeing workshops, courses, and seminars
  • Surveys and audits
  • Employee analytics
  • And more!

Why babble.work?

There are tonnes of reasons why babble.work will change your workplace wellbeing culture for the better:

It will save you time

Download campaigns in the blink of an eye, then send them out to employees. There’s a new theme and fresh content every month – it will always be focused on physical, mental, or financial wellbeing, and reactive to whatever’s going on in the world.

It’s content you can trust, delivered by credible experts

babble.work collates useful, engaging content with the help of a team of experts. They have Masters degrees, not internet certificates, so they really know their stuff!

It will supercharge your wellbeing strategy

With so many tools at your disposal, babble.work has the potential to mould your strategy, and make it the best it can be. You have everything to gain, including valuable advice, insights, and more. The best part is that it’s all just one click away!